Adornetto's Pizza

Most people have A) a favorite pizza place of all time, and B) a favorite pizza place in their hometowns. For me, the former is John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street and the latter is Rubino’s Pizza

Until this past Saturday.

It was then that we visited Adornetto’s in Zanesville. It’s such an institution that when Zanesville comes up in conversation “Have you been to Adornetto’s?” is always asked. I’d had Adornetto’s takeout before, but this was my first in-person trip to the 51-year-old Italian restaurant. Like their tagline proclaims, it really is the pizza people come home for. Especially on the day after Christmas. We waited a half hour for our table and another 45 minutes for our precious pie with half pepperoni, half sausage and mild peppers. But it was mind-alteringly good and I shamelessly devoured each piece. If enough was transported correctly I do believe it could end the Iraq War and maybe even convince the creators of Arrested Development to finally shoot that feature film.

We were able to take a little piece of Adornetto’s home since I got a gift basket with the restaurant’s homemade pasta, sauce, and salad dressing for Christmas. Nothing, however, beats tearing apart fresh gooey pieces of pizza in their kitschy nostalgia-filled dining room. Maybe on Valentine’s Day we’ll go back and order the heart-shaped Love Pie. Now that’s amore

Adornetto 1
Adornetto 2
Adornetto 4
Adornetto 5