Letter to Michael

Letter to Michael.jpg

Dear Michael,

Thank you for dedicating your life to making music that the world will forever remember. Thank you for my first concert in 1984 at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. With a dangling white glove earring in one ear I stood on that plastic chair and basked in all of the excitement of life a seven-year-old could possibly feel. Mouth agape I clutched those binoculars and couldn’t believe it was really YOU dancing across that stage. You were supposed to be my husband one day, remember?

Thank you for inspiring me to write my first (and only) celebrity letter with a “P.S. Say hi to Janet for me” and mail it to your house in Encino. Thank you for motivating my high school friend Jimmy to dress, dance, and sing like you and make everyone around him so happy.

I hung posters of you on my wall and listened to your 45’s on my pink turntable. When no one else was looking I practiced dancing like you. And through it all, I never once realized that you were black or that I was white.

I’m sorry that you had such a difficult life. Please know that you’ll be missed.



P.S. Say hi to Farrah for me.