My New Buds

My New Buds.jpg

Several years ago, I planted a lilac tree in my front yard, and it just sprouted its inaugural blooms. This is the first time that I planted something that actually grew, other than the rumor that Columbus was getting a professional basketball team. I once planted my fist in the face of a shoe salesman who tried to force saddle shoes on my feet, but I'm not sure that counts.

This is major. I will go outside and admire my little lavender lovelies every day. I will name my tree and tell her stories. Maybe I’ll plant other things like daisies or snapdragons. And maybe someday I’ll run a garden club and be invited to enlighten prospective horticulture students about the molecular techniques of plant biology. Hey, it could happen. At least not everyone can say they’ve been kicked out of Stride Rite.