Pecha Kucha Columbus

PK Pixie Dust.jpg

Someone sprinkled a little bit of pixie dust atop our tenth PK Columbus event on Friday night. It was an outdoor multi-dimensional celebration of local culture and creativity. The weather was perfect and we counted 350 in attendance. The highlights were plentiful: Aniket revving his homemade motorcycle engine, Dr. Sharma’s story about meeting the Dalai Lama in India, and Sharon’s hilarious instructions for building creepy doll sculptures. We learned about Carnival in Cuba, saw comic book illustrations, and appreciated the art of eco-friendly woodturning. We understood why it’s essential to vote for local farmers with our dollars and contemplated how the female anatomy resembles a construction-papered house. As we chomped on meatless hotdogs we surveyed professional photographs of bacon. Hundreds of conversations took place and new friendships were forged. I can’t wait until our next event in November.