Short North Yard Sale

The Short North Yard Sale took place today. Organized by the Short North Civic Association, it includes residences throughout Victorian Village, Harrison West, Italian Village, Dennison Place, and The Circles. In addition to strange plants and a sax-playing Santa, there were several highlights:

A peaceful Dalmatian laying next to a bright red cooler. That was for you, Norman Rockwell.

The table that fits four normal-sized people, or six skinny ones. Well played.

Ceci’s Lemonade Stand. Beautiful little Ceci with her toothy grin and head full of curls was working that stand. I'll probably be working for her someday.

My Little Ponies. If no one was looking, I would have sat and played with them.

The “vintage” VHS player. Because we all know that slapping the word “vintage” before something makes it exponentially hipper.

Porch musicians.

Seeing the game Othello again after 25 years.

This event is a perfect way to experience the charm and individuality of the Short North neighborhoods. It also provides an alternative to that silly little tournament up north. Click here for more photos.

My Little Ponies
Porch music
Strange Plants
Crapload of fabric
Carrying mirror
Thumbs up guy
Smiling porch dude
Two laid backers