Gluten-Free Ohio

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I recently launched Gluten-Free Ohio, a website and resource geared toward Ohioans following the gluten-free lifestyle. The site will offer free recipes, tips, and information for people who have eliminated or reduced gluten from their diets. Most of the featured breakfast, entrée, snack, dessert, and side dish recipes will contain natural, minimally processed ingredients and no refined sugars.

 I became gluten-free in August, after being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. The gluten-free movement is gaining a lot of attention. Nearly 18 million Americans are believed to have gluten sensitivities1. An estimated 3 million Americans have celiac disease (an autoimmune disorder in the digestive system) but 97% of those who have it aren’t diagnosed2. Thirty percent of adults find gluten-free food appealing3, and the gluten-free category is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 20174.

After becoming gluten-free, I was afraid that I’d never enjoy food again. I’m now cooking the best meals of my life and have really evolved in the kitchen. It’s an adventure.

I decided to launch Gluten-Free Ohio after being really inspired by gluten-free cookbooks, products, and networks. I hope to expand the site to include local contributing writers and feature stories. Anyone who is interested in contributing to Gluten-Free Ohio should email