Brewing Good Bacteria Karma with Kombucha

Kombucha is a live drink,” said Kathrin Brunner during a recent workshop at Loft404.

Live and ready to make you thrive.

Things haven't quite been the same since kombucha class. I’ve sort of become a bacteria nerd. Thoughts of SCOBYs swarm my mind, and I think about little else other than the mystical abyss of live cultures.

During the workshop, Kathrin explained how fermented foods rich in good bacteria (also known as probiotics) are key to our overall health. There’s a reason that people have consumed fermented products for thousands of years: Live foods aid in the digestive process and help us maintain strong immune systems. 

“Good bacteria fights bad bacteria,” Kathrin said. “It will protect us.”

I’m now brewing my second batch of kombucha and have even tackled vegetable fermenting. If you’d like to brew your own kombucha, check out this excellent step-by-step video that Kathrin made. I now lovingly (and dorkily) refer to her as my bacteria coach.