Langhorne Slim and The Low Anthem at The Summit


Nothing beats a sweaty Friday night filled with anticipation and musical therapy. You turn off your cell phone, forget about to-do lists, and guzzle a couple of Black Labels. Such was the vibe last night at The Summit, where a throng of Langhorne Slim fans (several who drove from Athens) waited patiently to have their faces rocked off.

Columbus' own Couch Forts kicked off the evening with their spastic groove of fiddle, banjo, and guitar. Providence, Rhode Island’s The Low Anthem followed with their first Columbus performance. Their gypsy-jazz Ameri-folk set brimmed with sincerity. Bassist Jeff Prystowsky brandished his stand-up like some kind of musical machine gun. Jocie Adams effortlessly switched between the pump organ, clarinet, electric bass, and guitar. Singer Ben Knox Miller drummed during a few songs and graciously alerted us that they wouldn’t be sticking around for post-gig debauchery as they were heading to Chicago for a performance today at Lollapalooza.

The night clearly belonged to Brooklyn transplant (via Langhorne, Pennsylvania) Langhorne Slim, who skyrocketed the room’s energy level from hush to raucous in less than three seconds. I was instantly drawn to the 28-year-old’s scratchy screams and samba swagger. The soles of his boots were flapping awry from so much stomping. The explosive “Honey Pie” and “Hello Sunshine,” along with the sweetly somber “I Love You, But Goodbye” were my favorite songs. Joining him were a stand-up bass player and the best drummer I’ve seen in a year (with the exception of Karma to Burn in April).

I got to bed a little later than preferable and this ink stamp refuses to leave my hand but it was worth it, honeypie.