Perfect Leap Day Film

February 29 only happens every four years, swathing it in certain romantic mystique. According to European folklore, women were invited to propose marriage on this day — and if a man declined, he had to buy the shunned damsel gloves, gowns, and/or cash. In Scotland, they say it’s unlucky to be born on Leap Day. In Greece, they say it’s unlucky to get married in a leap year. This Midwest girl simply recommends watching the film Leap Year. It’s a fresh romcom panini stuffed with a female proposal, an irreverent Irishman, and a nicknamed suitcase. It has Amy Adams storming through craggy hillsides in four-inch heels, as well as cameos by John Lithgow and Kaitlin Olson. Like Broken English, Sliding Doors, and Lost in Translation, Leap Year offers something precious: clever love. It may have been slammed by critics after being released last year, but it’s not some pandering blockbuster. So on this storied occasion, I propose that we each think our own thoughts and like what we like.

Leap Year