Kohl’s and the Million Dollar Hoodie


I can be a tiny bit obsessive. When I like something, I overindulge to the point of delirium. This includes eating the same breakfast for two decades and listening to the same Michael Jackson album 330 times in a row. You live yours, I’ll live mine.

Recently, I discovered a palace of fashion-forward, sensibly priced ready-to-wear known as “Kohl’s.” My father shipped us a surprise mammoth box of red holiday plates, bowls, and trays from this establishment, and a couple of plates arrived broken. I went to the nearest store to exchange them, and that’s when I saw it.

The Hoodie.

Shining like a beacon of well-groomed cotton, it hung on a corner endcap in the ladies department. Such a masterpiece of elegance and ease I hadn’t encountered. It was the type of good quality item one might expect to find at Nordstrom, or even Saks. It’s comfortable and stylish. The three neckline buttons (no hanging cords!) take it from day to evening to pajamas. The drape is pristine. The pockets are sturdy, the hood is substantial, and the interior piping is well constructed. It’s long enough to be worn over leggings, yet looks sharp with jeans. A humdrum hoodie this is not. I tried one on in coral pink seven days ago and have been wearing it ever since. 

I must share The Hoodie with others, I thought.

The first Kohl’s was sold out of my desired color and size combinations, so I went to another one. And a third one. By the time I visited the fourth Central Ohio store, I worried that they were onto me and wouldn’t let me buy any more. As any levelheaded obsessive would do, I devised a strategy whereby I would hide my precious-es in different departments and have my husband stop by after work to get the goods. I delivered such a robust soliloquy about The Hoodie to the nice lady working at cashwrap that she put one on hold for herself. I really feel that every woman should own at least one of these things.

“Retail is detail,” my dad always says. 

If you get The Hoodie from me for Christmas, you’ll know I love you. Kohl’s, thanks for helping me help you move some product.