Second City: Rebel Without A Cosmos

As 2014 nears its end, one thing’s certain: this was the Year of Me. We’ve become the centers of our own little universes, fueled by shameless selfies and social media soliloquies. Thank God we can laugh at these newfangled depths of self-obsession. Second City Toronto’s latest revue Rebel Without A Cosmos is pretty much the perfect way to do that. Through a whip-fast series of satirical sketches, songs and improvisations, the famed comedy troupe reminds us not to take our selfish selves too seriously.

How do they do it? Through narcissistic Venice tourists, cocky renegade spaceships and doomed Skype sex. Through inappropriate yoga buddies, Miss Average Canada and a guy who high-fives himself. Through children’s folk war songs, a son who takes a selfie with his dead father and human decency delinquent school.

Rebel Without a Cosmos is written and performed by Ashley Botting, Sarah Hillier, Etan Muskat, Allison Price, Connor Thompson and Kevin Whalen, and directed by Reid Janisse. It runs through January. Get to this show, and get over yourself.