Stay Glassy, Columbus

For 20 years, Columbus has nurtured a friendship with glass art virtuoso Dale Chihuly. We admire his passion and respect his vision, but mostly I think we like losing ourselves in his sinewy, kaleidoscopic forests. Forget hallucinogens and multiple viewings of Avatar; all you really need is a healthy dose of Glass Master Flash. Now on display at the Columbus Museum of Art is Chihuly Illuminated, an exhibit designed to highlight the importance of light in the artist’s work. In addition to gargantuan glass installations, it features drawings created by Chihuly as well as Native American baskets and blankets from his personal collection. On Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., you can view the exhibit, which runs through July 4, for free. But that’s not all. The Hawk Galleries are currently showing Chihuly XIV, the artist’s fourteenth solo exhibition, through January 31. And Chihuly Reimagined at the Franklin Park Conservatory showcases several of the maestro’s works amongst plants and greenhouses. It runs until March 28.

Chihuly 1
Chihuly 2
Chihuly 3
Chihuly 4
Chihuly 5
Chihuly 6
Chihuly 7
Chihuly 8
Chihuly 10