Devouring Twilight

Devouring Twilight.jpg

Yes, I’m in my thirties. Most of the time I act like an adult but sometimes it’s like so super cool to like get caught in a teen trap, you know? I recently ravaged all four books in the Twilight saga (or as my boyfriend likes to call it, “Teen Vampire Lust”). I haven’t been this besotted with a series since Flowers in the Attic. Naturally Amazon has added me to its teen paranormal email list, and naturally I haven’t unsubscribed from it. Last night I rather enjoyed watching the first "Twilight" movie despite its morbid reviews. It wasn’t nearly as riveting as the book but it provided a beautifully saccharine adolescent escape. The sequel “New Moon” hits theaters this November and I’m unashamed to admit that I’m looking forward to it.


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