Yes We Kin

Yes We Kin.jpg

This week my dad, sister, and I embarked on our first Father-Daughter-Daughter trip to South Beach. We’ve never done anything like this, and I’m not sure any of us knew what to expect. It has been a life-changing occurrence. I could describe the hotels we visited and the restaurants we enjoyed, but this feeling of peace hovering atop the three of us has trumped the whole experience. We’ve played Backgammon, sipped white wine, and discussed politics in our pajamas. We’ve harangued the future of luxury brands, retold silly old stories, and reveled in the moment. Right now my dad and sister are heckling each other in the other room as they play cards. I’m hearing commentary like “What type of clown work is that?” and “You like apples? I could make a pie with all these apples.” It’s fun, it’s real, and it feels like a 1,200-watt light bulb in my soul.