ZombieWalk Columbus

Oh, zombies of Central Ohio. I adore you. Congratulations on an amazing turnout at Saturday’s 6th annual ZombieWalk Columbus. More than 2,000 of you trudged through the Short North, and you raised a staggering 4,264 pounds of food for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. There were bride zombies, marching band zombies, surgeon zombies, hula girl zombies, scarecrow zombies, hippie zombies, baby zombies, dog zombies, a parrot zombie, and (of course) sexy zombies. And yet it was the zombie clowns that made me want to climb the arches and cry. Regular clowns scare me, let alone corpse ones. So thanks for the creepy clown memories, and see you next year. Click here for more photos.

Clown 1
Clown 2