Columbus Clippers at Huntington Park

What could be more beautiful, or more American, than walking to a baseball game? Last night was my first visit to Huntington Parkhome of the Columbus Clippers minor league baseball team. While I don’t know much about pitchouts or pickoffs, it was hard to resist the friendly charisma of this year-old 10,000-person-capacity ballpark. It’s warm, cleanly constructed, and exciting from all angles. Just like the city in which it resides, it’s wholeheartedly accessible. The hot dogs were juicy, the kids were wide-eyed, and the heckling was plentiful. Plus for a mere six dollars, you can buy a general admission ticket and watch all of the action from the outfield berm, sports bars, or various picnic tables lining the park. Nothing beats that snappity crack of the bat echoing out amongst the stands into the eardrums of every spectator. Because thatis the sound of summer.

Side flags
Sunset players
Net field
Batting ball
Hitting ball
Side crowd
3 beers
Cracker jack
Sunset bldgs
Side crowd dusk
Night sign
Night field
Ending line
Stadium at night