Easy Street & 24 Reasons

Easy Street.JPG

I met a friend for lunch today at Easy Street Café in German Village. “Easy” (as we like to call it) is the ideal neighborhood pub. It serves tasty Greek grub and has the coolest, friendliest staff around. You can get a carrot cake milkshake if you ask real nice.

Easy Street is most sacred to me because it's where I met the love of my life. Last February, I made a list of things that I like about him, and each one still stands. Here we go.

1.    He plays with my hair.
2.    He laughs at my jokes.
3.    He says “hi” at random times.
4.    He likes my perfume.
5.    He listens to my music.
6.    He bought me a light bulb.
7.    He opens doors and puts my coat on for me.
8.    He looks at me more intently than anyone ever has.
9.    He makes me forget about everything else.
10.    He gives me hope.
11.    He pretends to like my cooking.
12.    He doesn’t care that I’m always cold.
13.    He’s attentive even when I’m repeating a story.
14.    He’s an NPR fan.
15.    He says “essentially” a lot.
16.    He volunteers with me at the North Market.
17.    He does funny impersonations.
18.    He wants to travel the world with me.
19.    He knows how to rollerblade.
20.    He’s sexy when he doesn’t know it.
21.    He drives a Saab just like mine.
22.    He’s truly kind.
23.    He understands that I’m different.
24.    He inspired me to create a list of things that I like about him.