Surly Girls (and Boys) Ain’t Afraid of No Rain

Yesterday was the fourth annual Here Comes Your Weekend Parking Lot Blowout at the Surly Girl Saloon. It also was the rainiest day of the year. But did that thwart the awesomely dedicated organizers of the Columbus Music Co-op? No it did not. The downpour subsided and rocking prevailed.

I’ve attended every Parking Lot Blowout and have volunteered at two of them. It’s one of my favorite events of the year because it has all the elements of the perfect summer Saturday: live local music, grilled food on a bun, PBR, and killer camaraderie. Factor in that the proceeds benefit the Columbus Musicians Assistance Program, and I just can't ask for anything more.

Rainy Blowout 1
Rainy Blowout 4
Rainy Blowout Friends
Rainy Blowout Claw
Rainy Blowout 3
Rainy Blowout Band