Doo Dah Parade

Saturday was the 26th annual Doo Dah Parade in the Short North. Joining or watching “the craziest parade in history” is a great way to fly your inner freak flag. If I got to be one of the "less-than-honorable" judges I would have bestowed these awards:

James Brown Lookalike: I look So Much Like James Brown I Don’t Have To Do Anything Else Award

James Brown

The Marching Fidels: Viagra Award

Marching Fidels

Universal Swine Health Care: Scathing Satire Award

Swine Flu

Batman: I Never Want To Take Off My Costume Because I’m Practically Guaranteed To Get Some Action Award


My First Art Car: Cutest In Show

Mini Art Car

Super Mario and Optimus Sub-Prime (tie): Best Animated Character

Super Mario
Optimus Prime

“The GOP is a big tent with a huge closet:" Best Sign

Huge Closet

Uncle Sam riding a giant motorized wheel: Enchanting Yet Slightly Creepy Award

Uncle Sam

Bernie Madoff Farewell Tour: Most Impressive Effort (they sprung for printed signs)


People for the Ethical Treatment of Flys: Funniest Typo