ComFest 2009.jpg

ComFest starts tomorrow. Three days of music on seven stages can mean lots of things, like embracing friends while yelling “Happy ComFest!” or having full-fledged conversations that you won't remember because a mammoth plastic cup filled with draft Labatt accidentally spilled down your throat. Most importantly it’s an opportunity to noodle, shoe gaze, and head bang your heart out to the finest local music imaginable. The entire festival is volunteer-driven and all artists play for free. Here are my band picks for this year but you can download the whole schedule here.

Help Is On The Way (1:40 Main Stage)
Big Nasty (2:40 Jazz Stage)
Wing & Tusk (3:20 Offramp Stage)
Jim Maneri (4:20 Live Arts Stage)
Church of the Red Museum (6:10 Offramp Stage)
Hayseed (7:40 Solar Stage)
Eric Nassau (8:10 Gazebo)
Muzzleloaders (9:10 Main Stage)
Doctah X (9:20 Live Arts Stage)
Trains Across the Sea (10:15 Solar Stage)

Electric Grandmother (11:30 Solar Stage)
The Kyle Sowashes (12:40 Offramp Stage)
Apocalypso (12:55 Gazebo)
Hotel Eden (3:40 Offramp Stage)
Flotation Walls (4:20 Offramp Stage)
Colin Gawel & The Lonely Bones (4:35 Gazebo)
The Receiver (5:10 Offramp Stage)
Jordan O’ Jordan (7:50 Solar Stage)
Super Desserts (9:20 Solar Stage)
Science Gravy Orchestra (10:00 Jazz Stage)

Stucco Jones (noon Offramp Stage)
Clave Sonic (2:55 Jazz Stage)
Jason Quicksall (5:00 Gazebo)
Megan Palmer & The Hopefuls (6:00 Gazebo)
Christian Howes (7:15 Solar Stage)
The Spikedrivers (8:10 Main Stage)
The Slide Machine (8:20 Offramp Stage)